External Funded Research Projects (other than ICAR)- Ongoing Projects



Title of the project/Programme Project leader/Principal Investigator Funding organization (State/Regional/National/ International)
1 “Sustainable low cost integrated pest and disease management technologies for productivity enhancement in kashi mandarin oranges of Arunachal Pradesh”

Dr. P. RajaAssistance Professor(Plant Pathology)

Department of Plant Protection

Department of Science & Technology,

New Delhi

2 Preventing extinction and improving conservation status of the threatened plants through application of biotechnological tools

 Dr. Nicolee Lyngdoh,Assistant    Professor, Department of Tree Improvement

Department of Biotechnology (DBT),

Govt. of India


3 Documentation, demographic assessment and conservation of wild edible fruit diversity of Arunachal Pradesh. Dr. Nicolee Lyngdoh,Assistant Professor,

  Department of Tree Improvement

Department of Science and Technology(DST) Govt. of India (National)

4 Establishment of Institutional Biotechnology Hub 

1. Dr. Amit Kumar Singh,

Assistance Professor (Biotechnology),

Department of Basic Science and Humanity 

2. Mr. Siddhartha Singh (Co-PI),

Assistance Professor (Biochemistry),

Department of Basic Science and Humanity

Department of Biotechnology (DBT),

Govt. of India

under special programme for NE states of India (National)

5 Development of microsatellite markers and assessment of population genetic diversity for economically important forest species (Parkia roxburghii) in North East India.

Dr. Nicolee Lyngdoh,

Assistant Professor,

Department of Tree Improvement

Department of Biotechnology (DBT),

Govt. of India (National)


6 Valuation of SILPGR –Pzole 23% SC(Paclobutrazole23%SC) for use in Apple for assured more flowering and improved yield

Dr. L. Wangchu

Associate Professor,

Department of Fruit Science

Syngenta India Limited

Pune-411 045, Maharashtra

7 Promotion of Stockosorb Technology for Efficient Water and Nutrient Management in citrus orchard among ST farmers of Arunachal Pradesh

1. Dr. S.K. Pattanaaik, PI

Assistant Professor (Agricultural Engineering),

Department of NRM

2. Dr. Prankanu Debnath,Co-PI

Associate Professor,

DBT, Govt. of India, New Delhi

8 Establishment & Maintenance of Herbal Garden for NE Region

Dr. T.S. Mehra,

Associate Professor,

Department of Floriculture, Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

National Medicinal Plant Board