All India Co-ordinated Research Projects(AICRPs)-2014-15


Sl.No. Title of the project/Programme Project leader/Principal Investigator Funding organization (State/Regional/National/International)
1. AICRP on Potato Dr. R. K. Dubey,Assistance Professor,Department of Vegetable Science

CPRI,  ICAR, Shimla (National)Indian

2.  AICRP on vegetable crops Dr. R. K. Dubey,Assistance Professor,Department of Vegetable Science

IIVR, Varanasi

3. AICRP on spices Dr. Vikas Singh,Assistance Professor,Department of Vegetable Science

Indian Institute of Spices Research, ICAR, Kerala(National)

4. AICRP on Mushroom Dr. R.C. Shakywar,Assistance Professor, (Plant Pathology/Microbiology)Department of Plant Protection

DMR, Solan, Himachal Pradesh (National)

5. AICRP on oil palms Dr. Barun Singh,Assistance ProfessorDepartment of  Fruit Science

CPCRI, ICAR, Kasaragod, Kerala (National)

6. AICRP on biological control on crop pest and weeds Dr. K. M. Singh,Associate Professor(Entomology),Department of Plant Protection Project Director of Biological Control, ICAR, Bangalore (National
7. AICRP on Tropical fruits

 Dr. Lobsang Wangchu,Associate Professor,Department of Fruit Science

Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore (National)

8. AICRP on Nematology

 Dr. Ksh. Sumita, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Plant Protection

ICAR-IARI, New Delhi