Social Science

This faculty area offers courses in the discipline of Extension Education, Rural Sociology and Agricultural Economics. This department teaches students about the application of PRA in agro-ecosystem, socio-economic analysis, agri-business management etc. which is regarded as the vital aspects to succeed in horticultural industries. The department also organizes Rural Horticultural Work Experience programme (RHWE) and NSS activities for the students.

The faculty members are:

  • Dr. B. R. Phukan - Associate Professor
  • Dr. D. K Pandey - Associate Professor
  • Dr. Bhanu Prakash Mishra - Assistant Professor
  • Mrs. T. Matouleibi Chanu - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Ningombam Anandkumar Singh - Teaching Associate

 Supporting Staff:

  • Mr.Pakte Koyu - Field cum Lab Assistant